About the Project

The actions planned to be undertaken during the Project can be divided into 5 main groups:


  1. Technical actions – maintenance works on the hydro-technical infrastructure (weirs, culverts, valves) and drainage system (maintenance of the ditches in the existing network - desludging, dredging, banks development), shrub removal - where necessary.
  2. Research activities that are monitoring ecological effects – ​ in soil, hydrology and wildlife (for flora, fish, amphibians and reptiles, mammals and birds).
  3. Communication activities - lobbying and PR (mainly local governments and farmers), information, education (school competitions), promotion (eg. eco-happening Wetlands Work Wonders!), organising three international conferences, film production, production of promotional materials and information (calendars, brochures, summarizing presentation on DVD).
  4. Administrative activities related to project management - hiring staff, bookkeeping, reporting, planned purchases of materials and equipment, adaptation of offices, surveillance.
  5. Surveillance of agricultural activities carried out within the project by farmers-tenants.