Wetlands Work Wonders!

Among the most important objectives which we would like to achieve  in this Project are the following:


  1. Reviving and conserving the breeding habitats for wetland birds through creating ground water levels adequate for their habitat requirements. Birds connected with wetlands are currently considered to be the most endangered in the region and the world.
  3. Reviving and protecting breeding and resting grounds during the migration and wintering of wetland birds by securing good levels of ground water.

  4. Revitalising and protecting wet meadows and marshes – the landscapes and habitats considered the most threatened in today’s world by introducing and maintaining adequate water management basing on the existing water infrastructure – in the total area of about 3000 hectares of currently degraded and arid former marshes.

  5. Creating and promoting model solutions for combining nature protection and active farming with flood protection, basing on sustainable development principles for implementation in the region and the country.