About the Project

The Project is carried out at the Northern Polder of the ‘Warta River Mouth’ National Park together with the adjacent areas of the Park buffer zone and covers in total an area close to 3000 hectares within the European Natura 2000 network, next to the Polish-German border.


This area used to be a part of an extraordinary inland river delta. Here were some of the most inaccessible and wild European marshes. However, about 300 years ago, the river mouth was drained. In recent times, because of excessive drainage, the land has been degraded and has been of no use either for nature or for people. Until now, when we have eventually understood that Wetlands Work Wonders!


Peat and lush flora of the marshlands act like a giant sponge. They can store huge quantities of water. Because of such properties, marshland and peat land can have a very beneficial effect in protecting people from floods. After soaking up excess water they then release it slowly, preventing droughts and stabilising climate. In addition, they are the best natural filters for cleaning water. Much of the water we drink has been cleaned because of wetlands. Wetlands provide us with medicine, fish and pastures for our cattle. They are one of the most biodiverse habitats – providing home to record numbers of flora and fauna. However, many species living in wetlands are rare or endangered.


This is not surprising since such landscapes and habitats are becoming rare and are disappearing fast. In Poland wetlands only make up a few percentage of the total country’s area. In the past they covered about 70%. After years of widespread desiccation people are beginning to understand the true value and meaning of wetlands. It is time to stop our fight against them. We need to start fighting for them – for our own good. Because Wetlands Work Wonders! And are also beautiful!...


Once the project has been completed, the barren areas of the Northern Polder will be teaming with life, once again enriching this very special National Park – one of the most extraordinary places in the country. Its importance has been confirmed by enlisting it on the Ramsar Sites list – a group of sites which make up the most precious wetland areas on Earth.


Here you can see the autumnal gatherings of Cranes with more than 10 000 birds at a time! Joining them are often huge flocks of Bean, White-Fronted and Greylag Geese. You will never be able to forget these scenes.



In winter, you will be surprised by the majestic White-Tailed Eagles – sometimes several of them sitting on the same willow tree – and there are many willow trees here…


The number and variety of birds on the spring backwaters will be intoxicating even for the most demanding watchers.


And finally – the summer: bucolic views of grazing horses and cattle, and one of the most important moulting grounds in Europe. Birds fly in here to change their feathers in safety. It’s for them that we are protecting this place. For them and for ourselves. Because Wetlands Work Wonders! in the Warta River mouth.